Saturday, October 4, 2008

Castro Street Fair - Next Stop, Halloween

Wow - what a week. Talk of the entire economy melting down grabbed most of the headlines this past few days. But, the work of keeping Castro safe, quiet and trouble-free continue as does the second annual "Home for Halloween" campaign designed to remind people -- no party in the Castro again this year!

Attended a "MUMC" (Merchants of Upper Market and Castro") meeting earlier in the week ( Everyone, rightfully so, is concerned that the unwanted, drunken-and-disorderly crowds of old will return this Friday, October 31. People asked informed questions, many pointed, but seemed pleased that the SFPD, Entertainment Commission and Mayor's Office were responding to concerns.

Bottom line: no one wants 100,000 streaming down Market towards the "dip" at 18th and Castro. It's not safe, and the City is working hard to make sure it's not gonna' happen. So -- tell your friends: On Halloween, the party is NOT in the Castro. If you live in the "94114" or have friends visiting -- great. But, if not - PLEASE use the handy-dandy-list on this website to find a Halloween event close to YOUR home. The Castro isn't a petting zoo -- go gawk somewhere else thank-you-very-much. The Castro loves your business, but after the nightmare Halloweens of years past, we are DEMANDING people's respect. And, we thank the Mayor's Office and SFPD for backing us up on this. Ditto for the efforts of Supervisor Dufty.

Tomorrow, my 22nd Castro Street Fair (yikes!). I'll be at booth # 513 handing out flyers, and answering questions. Please feel free to swing by.

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