Friday, October 31, 2008

Street Smarts

...and like a rogue wave, the burst of bicycles moves through, circles around, and dives down upon Castro again-and-again.

The patience of the police is truly astounding (learned from hard experience). I can see some drivers, clearly "Critical Mass Virgins," caught in the middle of this who are NOT possesed of such patience.

Right now, a group of several hunder bikers (many without helmets -- there is a law against riding without a helmet, yes?) is pouring down 18th Street -- many riding against traffic; many doing everything possible to be disruptive -- one with a large amplified sound unit dragging behind to make things even more "festive."

But -- once they bike past: the streets again flow free.

18th & Castro -- open and flowling freely.
Market & Castor -- open and flowing freely.

Hopefully, they will "bike on" and deliver their message to another neighborhood.

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