Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Three Days and Counting!

Tonight in the Castro was one of those magic times: the World Premiere of "MILK." It seemed like EVERYONE was there waiting to pick up their tickets.

Jim Hormel -- first openly gay ambassador
Roberto Achtenberg -- first openly-gay cabinet official (and as Jesse Helms infamously dubbed her "that damned lesbian")
Harry Denton, "Mr. San Francisco Nightlife"
Donna "Castro's First Lady" Sachet
Geoff Kors and Kate Kendall, the hardest working "No on Prop 8" team around (thanks to them for their tireless efforts).
Sean Penn and the whole "MILK" crew.

Certainly "St. Harvey" was looking over everyone. Cameras and tourists competed for sidewalk space and a view. Police laughed and directed traffic. It was everything the Castro is supposed to be.

Fun. Diverse. Peaceful. Respectful.

Here's to a recurrence on Halloween.

This week, tens-of-thousands of "Home for Halloween" flyers hit the streets in the City, and throughout the Bay. Also, our "No Party in the Castro" banners went up in BART/MUNI stations all over the region. Let's hope everyone gets the message.

If you live and work in the Castro, come on down on Friday night.

If you don't -- PLEASE look for parties in your own "home" neighborhood.

If you're intent on bad behavior, public drunkenss or sexist, homophobic or violent behavior then PLEASE do stay home for Halloween.

If you decide to test the will of the police and the commitment of the neighborhood to realize Harvey Milk's vision of a community commited to respect, diversity and fairness then you WILL go home for Halloween...in the back of a police car.


Pretty clear, yes?

Our thanks to KGO / Channel 7 for last night's story on efforts.

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