Friday, October 31, 2008

And the bikes keep on coming

...and the large group of cosutmed bicyclists (there goes a mummy) are heading past: several hundred strong now. Ooops! Someone dinged a car going past, and the plaintive sound of a car alarm adds to the din of bike bells and whistles. Another mummy, a Dracula on two-wheels and a biker coverd in "No on 8" posters wheels past.

Outside: the group has done what we most did NOT want them to do: they have blocked the intersection at 18th & Castro. So far, the crowd seems well-behaved, and the police are taking a "wait and see" approach. These two groups are used to each other -- Bike Coalition and SFPD. Here' s hoping the spirit of cooperation will rule the night, and the intersection will again be free for ALL traffic to flow normally.

Two cops just walked by with coffee from "Starbucks", helmets dangling from their waists: casual. I'll take THAT as a good sign that no one is too worried about the crowd getting unruly.

Ah, democracy - ain't it a wonderful, messy thing?

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