Friday, October 31, 2008

All Quiet on the Castro Front

So far, really good:

Castro's "First Lady" Donna Sachet just came by for a visit and a celebratory glass of vino, fresh from her performances at the family-friendly SF Halloween Festival at Lot-A. The crowds were enthusiastic, if not huge (wet weather doesn't a great outdoor event make), and certainly a help in our efforts to keep the Castro from boiling over as in years past. Joining her was our very own "Supe" Bevan Dufty -- fresh from a tour of the District. He seemed pleased: the businesses of the Castro are doing a booming business;. The streets are clear. The sidewalks safe.

A pretty good Halloween I'd say.

As I sit here in "Brandy Ho's", several members of the SFPD sit behind me, taking a break from a VERY long night.

I gotta' say it: I've had the privilege to work on several projects with the City Family, including the Home for Halloween campaign, and the residents of San Francisco have MUCH to be proud of. Most have NO IDEA how hard, and how seriously, our peace and public safety officials work on their behalf. The next time you see someone in a City uniform (ANY City uniform) take a moment to tell them thank you.

more anon,

PS -- an unofficial count from my perch here: 6 Sarah Palins; 2 moose.