Friday, October 31, 2008

And the traffic flows again....

....and it's 8:01pm and the first challenge of the evening has been met: Critical Mass, remarkably creative and respectful has moved on: stopping to greet fans-and-foes alike at the intersection of 18th & Castro. Five minutes later - they were gone. The streets are again full of cars, and the sidewalks full of revelers.

4 hours to go 'til witching hour.

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was ALWAYS this well-behaved on Halloween and other nights? Wouldn't it be nice if the City Family didn't have to work so hard to project the vast majority of its citizens safe from a few intent on violence?

Well done Critical Mass: thanks for making your statement, peacefully and respectfully, and then moving on so that the rest of us who live-and-work in the Castro can get on with our Halloween -- with our life.

more anon,

PS - a REALLY cool "Borg" just walked by. Gotta' go before I'm "assimilated".