Thursday, September 4, 2008

Boo! Halloween Cometh, 2008!

Halloween belongs to all of us. Last year after a successful campaign to keep everyone safe and maintain the Castro’s tranquility, we’re continuing and expanding the“Home for Halloween” campaign ( Like last year there is no party or event in the Castro. But, there will be plenty to do elsewhere and closer to your own “home” neighborhood. Tell us about it! Fill out the form on this website so we can help promote your own "homegrown" Halloween celebration.

This year, on Friday, October 31st, bars and restaurants will remain open in the Castro. However, as was the case last year the streets will not be closed to traffic and public transit is currently planned to run normally. Again, our fine men and women in uniform -- the SFPD, Sheriff’s Office, Parole Officials and others -- will be on hand to deal with anyone who doesn’t get the message.

There will be zero tolerance for behavior which doesn’t respect the celebrated diversity of our communities. And again like last year, there will be zero tolerance for individuals and businesses that do not obey alcohol consumption and distribution regulations.

Like last year, the City will actively promote Halloween events in other San Francisco neighborhoods and Bay Area communities. These events will benefit from the extra marketing push being undertaken by the Home For Halloween campaign. Like last year, this website will have details about what's going on in the North, South, and East Bay.

The fact is this: the Halloween celebration of years past has simply outgrown the Castro. Castro & Market and the surrounding neighborhoods are not an appropriate venue for crowds in excess of 100,000 people! Businesses and residents alike are tired of having their “home” dis-respected.

No more.

Last year, the City Family and Mayor Newsom’s office sent out the message loud and clear. This year, the effort continues, and with your support, we can indeed make October 31 a “home” for celebrations that are fun, festive and respectful. Halloween is for everyone.

In coming days and weeks, our "boo blog" will continue to update the campaign's progress and unveil this year's "BooTube" videos and PSA campaign.

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