Wednesday, September 24, 2008

5 1/2 Weeks 'Til Halloween

So, the work of spreading the word, reaching out to communities, and partnering with the City Family to ensure a safe and sane Halloween continues.

As of today, the website has listed the following number of events taking place on Friday, October 31:

  • 71 SF (non-Castro) events
  • 13 East Bay events
  • 16 South Bay / Peninsula events

Additionally, there are four other Halloween-themed events taking place prior to the 31st which we have listed.

Please -- help us spread the word! If you are promoting, producing or KNOW of an event taking place on Halloween, tell us about it! Add to that list via the form available on this website.

On Monday, we taped TV Public Service announcements in 10, 15 and 30 second versions. They wil be ready for broadcast/distribution sometime next week. As was the case last year, our thanks to Javier Valencia, Pat Patton and everyone at KRON-TV 4 for their assistance and support.

Next week, we launch our online video contest and continue our outreach/partnership efforts in the East Bay and throughout the Peninsula. Here's the copy -- coming soon to a TV screen (and YouTube page) near you!

Remember, like last year, there is NO party in the Castro. Also - a reminder: wherever you're headed on the evening of Friday, October 31, if you're taking BART into SF, you BETTER be on-the-train-and-on-your-way home by midnight. The VERY last train leaves 16th and Mission at 12:15am Halloween night/November 1; Embarcadero at 12:30am.

It's a long walk home, so keep it CLOSE to home! And -- on Halloween, you won't stand a GHOST of a chance finding parking, so....take BART "early and often" to make it a home-grown Halloween.

More anon,